GratefulOM offers Meditation and Mindfulness services to help clients achieve a Love It Life. Move away from stress, anxiety and ineffectiveness. And instead feel empowered, balanced and fulfilled. This transformation is symbolized in our brand by the sacred "tree of life." The GratefulOM team provides education, strategies, tools, coaching and consulting throughout your journey of growth and change. Improve productivity, decision-making, emotional resilience... The positive benefits are endless.



We identify opportunities in your life for self-care and help you stick to these practices.

Free Consultation

Start with a chat! We would love to discuss your current self-care, or lack thereof, and determine next steps for support. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Single Coaching Session [ $65 ]

Choose yourself! A true coaching session allows us to dig deep. We will spend quality time talking through your history and creating a plan for practical self-care in your life.

Self-Care Spark Package [ $260 ]

More progress and a discount! This package gives you all the benefits of extended coaching. You will receive 5 sessions for the price of 4 as a bonus for your commitment.



We provide training both online and in-person on various topics related to Mindfulness and Meditation.

Introduction to Meditation

You will start by learning the true definition of Meditation, as well as what to expect when taking part in meditation sessions. You gain information on how to begin your own meditation or enhance your current practice.

Introduction to Mindfulness

You will learn the definition of Mindfulness along with exploring mindfulness practices that can be implemented immediately to reduce your stress and dissatisfaction and increase your effectiveness and productivity.

Meditation & Mindfulness in Action

After practicing the basics of mindfulness and meditation, we put what you learned into action with 6 weekly coaching sessions – live online for 2 hours each. We will explore how to make these strategies work for you.



GratefulOM offers Wellness Weeks for the workplace. Sessions could include some of the following workshops and activities. However, we are also happy to customize a program based on client needs.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness (3 hours)
  • Introduction to Meditation (2 hours)
  • Introduction to Yoga (5 sessions, 1 hour each)
  • 7 Strategies to Set Yourself and Those Around You Up for Success
  • Communicating for Success
  • Mindfulness Based Thoughts That Empower You (1 hour)
  • Vision Board Training


This series takes you to a deeper level. Throughout, you learn to intentionally create your Love It Life. We focus on how to set yourself up for radical success in all areas of life, including the workplace. These courses are designed to give you even more clarity and capacity to pursue the life you want, to craft your true definition of success and make it happen.

Mindfulness for Success

This course is more than just basics. Learn why mindfulness is so important and how to introduce these practices into your life. Learn to reduce stress and anxiety, while also increasing your success in business and relationships.

Mindful Communication for Success

You will learn to communicate in a manner that makes it more likely for your needs to be met. You will learn how to ask for what you want, how to hear others even in disagreement, and how to move toward solutions that work for all.

Design Your Life for Success

Set your own intentions. Learn 7 time-honored principles to create a life with less stress and more success. You will learn practical steps you can take toward the future. These tools will help you live your best and most fulfilled life.



GratefulOM will come to you. We love sharing our passion for mindfulness and meditation – practices that can only improve the life experience for all of us. You have surely heard the phrase “When Mama ain’t happy; ain’t nobody happy.” We are all Mama in a sense. We are affected by our environments and have the power to affect others. GratefulOM helps keep happiness flowing. We teach people tactics to thrive in spite of what is going on around them.

Here are some of our most popular speaking topics. We would love to present at your next event or meeting.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • 7 Tips to Reduce Stress in the Workplace
  • 7 Strategies to Set Yourself and Those Around You Up for Success
  • Mindfulness Based Thoughts That Empower You

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