I Invite You to Breathe: Deep Belly Breathing (DBB)

I have heard from many of us that we catch ourselves holding our breaths in reaction to what is going on around us. Not breathing fully with shallow breath. It’s not on purpose it just happens. When we are doing this, we are denying ourselves Prana or the breath of life. Prana is the very essence of life. Without it we are not living. If we are contracting our breath, we are living small. When we expand our breath, we are living large! LOL, get it? Living large! Again, I amuse myself! But really, this is another way we create space in our lives by expanding your capacity to release negativity.

What are some of the benefits of Deep Belly Breathing?

Relieves Stress – Allows you to let go of negative or confused feelings with a deep breath.

Improves Your Blood Quality – Deep breathing releases carbon dioxide and increases oxygen supply, improving blood quality. As we learned with our discussion a few weeks ago on Honeybee breathing, this is a very good thing.

Releases Tension – When you are afraid, stressed, or nervous, your breathing pattern changes. It becomes shallower and quicker. DBB allows you to return to breathing slowly, purposely and deeply, to feel relaxed.

Elevates Your Mood – This is also so cool! DBB increases pleasure inducing chemicals in your body. More Please!

Prepares You for Meditation – You can connect to your breath intentionally. This allows you to enter into your meditation at a deeper level.

Feeds Your Body and Brain – Increasing the intake of oxygen helps to nourish the body and brain

Balances Ultradian Rhythm – This practice helps balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. (Linear thinking with creative thinking) and balances the ultradian rhythm. Y’all I just learned about this, and it is fascinating). I will share more about this in a later issue. In short, what this is, is a natural rhythmic healing response of the mind/body. This is the 90-to-120-minute cycle of rest and activity of the hemispheres of the brain that occurs within the larger 24-hour circadian rhythm.

>> More About How to Practice Deep Belly Breathing

>> Try a Deep Belly Breathing Meditation

Have fun with it! I hope it serves you well. I am excited to find out more about the Ultradian Rhythm. I will let you know what I discover.

Much love and light to you!