Are You Self-Care Aware?

We are hearing self-care this and self-care that, everywhere. But what does that mean? My definition of self-care is… The practices used for taking an active role in protecting your own well-being and happiness.

My definition is very simple, but when done well can be the very foundation for a well lived life. If we take this definition and further break it down to three defining building blocks to self-care, they are awareness, self-control, and self-reliance. By effectively employing all of these we increase our ability to care for ourselves in a way that allows us to achieve, maintain, and promote our own optimal health and wellbeing.

One of the key foundational attributes is awareness. That is why I ask, “Are you self-care aware?” What I mean by that is are you aware of how you are doing or taking care of yourself in different areas of your life. Check in with yourself with these five components of self-care.

Are you able to make an assessment of how you are doing in these areas?

  1. Physical – How well do you take care of your body and physical health?
  2. Mental – How well are you taking care of your mental health?This should include mindfulness practices and stress avoidance.
  3. Emotional – Are you protecting your emotional wellbeing?
  4. Spiritual – How connected are you to your personal purpose and mission?
  5. Energetic – Does your level of energy support the life you want to live?

Ask yourself questions with respect to each of the areas:

  • How am I doing?
  • Do I feel supported or stressed?
  • Can my experience be better?
  • What is my vision for myself?
  • Am I adequately taking care of myself?
  • What are some indicators of distress in each of these areas?

Self-care awareness is the foundation of your self-care practices. I have outlined above some of the basic framework for finding and identifying that awareness. Want to learn more? Sign up for The Heart Connection email newsletter, where I am exploring topics like this regularly. Want to chat? Schedule a free consultation with me, where we’ll talk about your specific questions and challenges related to self-care.

Love and Light,