You’ve Got the Power

You have the power! What do I mean by that? Well, I will tell you. Follow me.

Let me start with what brought me to this topic. I was thinking about all we have been experiencing in the past several years. The pandemic, quarantining, the political and social justice challenges, and most recently the war in Ukraine. It can sometimes feel like a tsunami of negativity pressing us down. It is possible that many of us are feeling stuck and overwhelmed with all of this. I was in a meeting where as coaches, we were discussing how to support individuals traumatized by the events in Ukraine.

One of the coaches even suggested that by our response, this could be the last war. I don’t know if that is probable or possible, but I loved the possibility. So, what I got from that comment was my observation that when tragedies happen, we often display our highest humanity by banning together for the highest good in that situation. These activities create a higher level of consciousness for the world, which results in a better experience for all living things.

We raise the level of consciousness in the world by participating in activities that are considered higher frequency. So, feelings vibrate with energy just a most things in the universe do. Negative feelings vibrate at a lower frequency and positive feelings vibrate at a higher frequency. So, it is not much of a leap to understand the combined energy makes up the energy of the earth. What we focus on increases whether it is the good or the bad. When we are operating in a higher frequency, we not only attract more of the higher feelings, but we join with others to have a multiplying effect. Unfortunately, the same thing happens when we experience the negative feelings. There is a balance of positive and negative that occurs. What we do by staying in higher frequency as much as we can, is to offset the lower frequencies hopefully increasing the net frequency of the planet.

However, I don’t want to suggest that the lower frequencies are not important. They are. They help bring awareness that we are blocking higher frequencies that we need to function at our highest capacity both mentally and physically. It is an indicator of an area that needs healing.

To do your part in increasing the collective consciousness and offsetting the negativity that seems to abound is to cultivate the positive feelings and minimize the negative feelings. You do this by practicing self-love and self-care. By creating space for good health, optimism, kindness, and happiness. So, you see why I say “You have the power”? You do.

I keep thinking about the song “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys. Also, the saying “I am sending good vibes.” The higher vibration frequencies are what is being referred to.

So, this week I am sending you “Good Vibrations” and much love and light!