Deep Belly Breathing: Connecting to Life

Here is a short 5-minute recording leading you in a Deep Belly Breathing Meditation. You can learn more about the benefits of deep belly breathing – also called DBB. I ask that you practice the technique described below, then participate in my meditation.

Excerpt from my Beginning Meditation QuickStart Guide: How to Practice Deep Belly Breathing (DBB)…

Practice Belly Breathing or the complete breath. This is deep abdominal breathing that involves filling the lungs completely using the entire respiratory system. Deep belly breathing delivers significantly more oxygen to your bloodstream which is critical to your body’s ability to convert energy for the body to use. The complete breath is best practiced in a comfortable seated position with an erect spine. Begin by relaxing the abdomen. Place one hand on the belly and the other on the chest. Inhale deeply, allowing the shoulders to relax down the back and the belly to push out against the hand. This is the diaphragm pulling down on the lungs as they fill completely with air. The chest expands passively as the breath fills it. The hand on the chest will rise slightly as the chest expands; however, the shoulders stay put. On the exhale, mindfully contract the belly and slowly empty all the air out from the lungs. Practice this for a few minutes before you meditate and strive to use this technique during your meditation.