Tip #4 Create A Kicking Morning Routine

It is easy to forget about a daily routine when your day is full of personal obligations and dozens of tasks. Having a morning routine is essential to start the day off well. If your mornings are usually chaotic and rushed, it is vital that you establish a system that can help you feel more in control and remove stress. Even for people who struggle to have a routine or even dislike it, it is possible to learn how to create one and make it a habit.

Some of the most successful people attribute their morning routine to their success. You know the phrase about starting off on the right foot? I used to stay in bed in the morning until the very last minute. I would then jump quickly out of bed, get showered and dressed and with little time to spare, drive to work. I would often grab an unhealthy fast-food breakfast sandwich and coffee on the way. And, oh my gosh, if they were out of my first choices, run for cover! This would make me even more stressed out AND I was eating food that was not good for me on a regular basis.

Set-up your morning routine for the best possible start of the day. Ideally, the start of your morning would include meditation, exercise and a healthy breakfast. Begin the day coming into yourself with meditation and getting present to yourself. Support your body with exercise and your spirit will follow. Finally, eating a good-for-you, filling breakfast is so very important. Your body and brain need fuel after fasting overnight. If you plan your meal the night before and have a glass of water upon waking, you will have an easier time sticking to this new habit.

If your routine gets off track, evaluate what went wrong and make a plan to correct it for next time. You can even reward yourself for accomplishing goals. How about keeping a record of your routine or enlisting the help of a spouse or buddy? Whatever you need to make it work and be a success! Use the power of healthy habits in your morning routine to improve your life.

Love and Light!