Tip #6 Create Two Lists

Take two sheets of paper and write what you want more of on one sheet and what you want less of on the other. Put the lists somewhere you can refer to them every once in a while, maybe near your meditation space. The purpose of this exercise is meant for you to hone in on your personal intentions and lessen stress. The lists could look something like this:

More of…
-Spend more time meditating and doing spiritual/religious study and reflection.
-Spend more one-on-one time with my spouse and children.
-Prepare a menu for the week and go to the store once.
-Find time to read more for pleasure.
-Make time to exercise and get up and move more.
-Go to bed earlier in order to get 8 hours of sleep each night.
-Listen to music more often.
-Be more effective with my “To Do List” so that deadlines are not missed and obligations are not overlooked.

Less of…
-Spend less time on electronic devices (cell phone, tablet, TV, etc.).
-Eat less unhealthy foods.
-Spend less time on the Internet with Social Media, browsing without a real purpose, looking at entertainment gossip, etc.
-Cleaning: Because as long as my environment is healthy, that’s what really matters.
-Spend less time playing video games.
-Complain less and appreciate what I have more.
-Saying “Yes” to every invitation I get. Learn to filter where my time is better spent and with whom.

Once you have these lists completed, go through and mark three or four on each list that really resonates with you and prioritize them. Really think about how you can improve your life doing them, create goals and then go for it! You won’t regret it.

Love and Light!