Tip #7 Nix The Resolutions

Consider NOT making a New Year’s Resolution this year. I know many of us felt pressure to come up with something amazing and meaningful when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve. This year I invite you to do something different. Be grateful for where you are right now. Be grateful for the gifts that have been given to you in the past. Feel the appreciation in your heart and mind. Express positive anticipation for the amazing things that are going to come into your life in 2019.

Too often, resolutions are decided upon by looking at other people’s expectations. Living a full life is not about making decisions based on what other people think. It’s about looking at your life, being thankful for what you have and deciding on what YOU need to continue successfully moving forward. Make confident choices based on what really matters to YOU.

We are not usually focused on what we have. We more often concentrate on what we don’t have. As a result, we zoom in on the problems in our lives making them bigger and brighter than they should be. Gratitude is the pathway to happiness and success in life. The more we are grateful for the things we have, no matter how little they may be, the happier and more content we will be in life. Why is it that we don’t appreciate the people and things in our lives until they are taken, or almost taken, from us? Learn to be grateful and count your blessings now because we do not know what tomorrow brings.

One way to stay aware of the gifts in your life is to keep a journal. You can write down all the things you are grateful for and go back and read it when you need to be lifted up. Document things like having a good job, a roof over your head, food to eat, a car to drive, a wonderful spouse and supportive friends and co-workers to spend time with. Writing it down gives life more meaning and helps you to work towards what is next for you on the horizon.

So, how do we make 2019 different? Throw away those New Year’s Resolutions and think about what you should be doing all year long. Real goals do not start on New Year’s…real goals are with us every day.

Love and Light!