Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Fall is here! Perfect sleeping weather. I love the cooler nights and temperate days. Jumping into a cool bed with a lower temperature encourages me to snuggle in deep under the covers and hibernate for the night! I have listed several benefits of getting adequate sleep.

Create an evening routine that supports you in getting a good night’s sleep. I am listing few elements of an evening routine that supports your best sleep. Pick some that work for you. You may start with one or two and add others as needed.

  • Take a nice walk in nature after your evening meal. Even a short stroll in the neighborhood is helping.
  • Eliminate caffeinated drinks and alcohol at least 4 hours prior to bedtime.
  • Take a nice soothing bath before bed. I even sometimes light a lavender scented candle and add essential oils to the bath. Hmmm zzzzzz!
  • Add relaxing essential oils to a bedside diffuser. I like lavender but choose something that is relaxing to you. Some of the most relaxing essential oils are rose, eucalyptus, frankincense, cinnamon leaf, lime, ylang ylang, peppermint, cedarwood and lemongrass. Essential oils are a natural way of relaxing. Pick one of two that appeal to you.
  • Drink some warm herbal non-caffeinated tea as part of your wind down routine. I like chamomile and honey and lemon tea.
  • Before closing your eyes and laying down for sleep spend a few minutes writing in your journal. End the day with gratitude for what has happened in your day. Also write down your thoughts. Write down your hopes your fears and even draw. Let it go! Leave it on the page not in your head.
  • Avoid watching television in bed. Better yet let your bedroom be a television free space.
  • Try the Yoga Nidra meditation to allow your body to intentionally release tension.

Do any of these suggestions resonate more than others? Choose a couple and try them. You have nothing to lose and a good night’s sleep to gain.

Sleep tight!