Self-Care Tracker: 21-Day Reset

Who is up for a self-care reset? I am finding that some of my important practices have fallen by the wayside. I am aware that I am being negatively impacted but went with the head-in-the-sand strategy. I am no longer willing to ignore the impact of these decisions and am ready for a reset.

Who is with me? I invite you to spend some time checking with yourself and determining what you would like to reset or even add to your practice. Practice non-judgement and choose one to three actions that have high impact with least effort.

I have included our Self-care reset sheet. You can print it and add your reset items. There are spaces provided for 21 days. Every time you do you practice mark the heart. After 21 days or all the hearts are marked off, check in with yourself. How did you do? Did the activity have the impact you expected. What are your next actions?

I am starting on Monday! You want to come with me? You know you do!

>> Download our Self-Care Reset Sheet