Find Your Peace in Stillness

In stillness you find peace. It’s true. An amazing tool you have at your disposal, is the ability to find your still point. So, what do I mean by a still point? I define a still point, by being able to access in your body a place of complete stillness where you are not moving. You are not moving forward nor backward but it is the gap between. A Sort of limbo.

So, what does that get you? Being able to access your still point, it allows you to put some space between you and what is going on around you. Having the ability to connect with your still point allows you the most beautiful gift of being able respond to what is going on around you instead of reacting. Responding to what goes on around you allows you to come from a place of power and peace instead of stress. This practice allows you to hear only what needs to be heard. Allowing you to stay present and makes room for you to stop and reflect on how you want to respond.

When I think about how to illustrate this for you, this is what comes to mind for me. Think about when you throw a ball in the air, it reaches the highest point, and it appears to be still for just a moment before it begins its descent. Another example is when you are on a swing. When you swing back there is a little bit of a pause before you start moving forward. These are perfect illustrations of a still point. The same follows for connecting with your still point.

So, let’s think about how we access that point in our bodies. One of the foundational needs we have in the continuation of our lives, is Prana or breath. Prana is a life-giving force. We access our still point through our breath. Close your eyes and take a few long deep breaths. After a few times of this, see if you can focus on the point of turnaround in your breath. The point where you are neither breathing in nor breathing out. The pause.

I included a link to a replay of our group meditation this week where I lead the group in a still point exercise as part of our practice. Try it! It is like riding a bike. Once you connect with your still point. You can always go back.