Remember to See the Beauty in the World

I am going to need for you to remember that there is beauty in the world. It is so easy for us to get wrapped up in everything that is going on and we can just get the feeling that the world is a horrible, horribly painful, stressed-out place. It is so easy to fall into the glass is half empty view of your world.

To up your positively quotient to offset and balance some of the negativity, you need to connect with the beauty in world. Below are seven tips to help you remember there is beauty in the world.

  1. Look up at the sky often and notice what you see. So many times, the sky is presenting a beautiful picture day after day. When you see a beautiful sky, sunrise or sunset say aloud or to yourself. Wow that is beautiful.
  2. Spend some time in nature. Take in the view.
  3. Change the screensaver on your phone and computer to something you find beautiful. I have a beautiful sunset I shared with my family. On one of my computers, I have a theme that periodically changes to beautiful natural landscapes. There have been some that took my breath away. But it is a daily connection with beauty.
  4. Surround yourself with beauty. Beautiful plants (even fake ones), lovely art, and pictures of your family and friends are wonderful reminders that there is beauty all around us.
  5. Take time at the end of the day to list some of the beautiful things and moments you experienced in your life.
  6. Be the source of someone else’s recognition of something beautiful. There is an amazing joy that comes from sharing beauty with someone. Somehow your joy and gratitude multiply.
  7. There is a special beauty in a simple act of kindness. You never know how much someone may need just one little moment to find beauty in
    their day. The smile you get in return will be another thing you can add to your list of beauty you experienced in your day.

Oh yes, and I want to remind you of something we so often forget. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Much love and light to you and yours…


P.S. Check out the Macy Gray song. “Beauty in the World”. It is so affirming and uplifting.