The Six Pillars of Health: Grounding

Let’s talk about grounding. So, here’s the thing. The earth is a bioelectrical field and we humans are bioelectrical beings. The earth emits a subtle electric pulse, and we are walking the earth optimally when our connection to the earth’s magnetic field is strong. Unfortunately, our modern reality separates us from the connection.

Grounding is one of the Six Pillars of Health and is a foundational component for healthy living. Our ability to ground ourselves allows us to come back to the present moment. Being grounded allows us to better respond to challenges big and small in our everyday lives. I like to think of it like an inflated balloon. Have you ever blown up a balloon until it pops? There were a lot of breaths that happened prior to the balloons popping that occurred without peril. It was that last breath that took the balloons capacity over the edge resulting in popping. So, what can we do to prevent the balloon from popping? Well, a lot. First make sure the balloon is a high quality. Stop blowing up the balloon well in advance of reaching the capacity of the balloon. Another tactic that would work is to occasionally release air with a frequency that does not allow the balloon to reach capacity. Don’t blow into the balloon. I am sure you can think of more. What is happening is that you are creating space to allow the space for the breath to enter the balloon without popping. There is more capacity in a completely deflated balloon than one that is close to capacity.

This is essentially the same principle is in play when we think about grounding. We want to create an existence that allows for life to happen without taking you down. The goal is to create space. Integrate practices that allows us to bring our awareness back to center and allows you to be mindful when challenges arise. Being well grounded allows you to stay connected to our essence and the present moment. Having this awareness allows us to be balanced as we navigate our daily lives. When we are grounded, we feel centered, solid, strong, balanced and calm. Our body then is able to maintain a balance for optimal health.

I have listed a few activities below that will support you in staying grounded. When we are implementing grounding techniques, we are amping up our ability to thrive no matter what is going on around us. This benefit is both physical and mental.


Literally get your feet on the ground. Walk barefoot if you can on the ground outside. Thirty minutes is optimal, but every little bit helps you connect with the soothing and calming energy of the earth. If conditions are not optimal for you to connect with the ground outside. Take your shoes and socks off and mindfully close your eyes and imagine roots flowing from the bottoms of your feet to the center of the earth


Focus on your breath. Discover and focus on your still point. What is the still-point? You will find your still-point at the gap between the time you inhale and turn around to the exhale and when the inhale turns around to the inhale. Connecting with your still-point allows you to connect with and ground yourself in the present moment.

Grounding Meditation

This is a guided meditation that helps us to reconnect with our sense of stability within us. When we are grounded, we are better able to respond to life’s events with clarity and wisdom.

Natural High!

Get out in nature. Connecting with nature can connect you with that wonderful natural energy. I bet you have felt it when you are in the mountains or at the beach or even a walk around the neighborhood.

Grounding Mats

There are various electronic grounding or earthing devices out there that support your connection to the earths’ bioelectrical field. I have used an earthing mat before, and it really helped.

Take a Bath

Having a salt bath with Epson salts or Himalayan Sea salts or both is a wonderful way to ground yourself. You can also add select essential oils to enhance your experience.

Grounding is one of the lesser-known Pillars of Health but if you avail yourself of the practice of grounding it can be a huge support of your optimal health. If you are not practicing grounding techniques, I invite you to try to add a few in your regular practice. Don’t know where to start? Let’s Chat!

Adding a little something about Grounding… A friend reminded me that there are some mindful movement practices that offer grounding support as well. Qi Gong, Yoga and Tai Chi are also wonderful tools for grounding. There are also scents and essential oils that support grounding. Essential oils that support grounding are those that come from the roots, bark, needles and resins of some aromatic plants. I love that there is so much to support us in grounding. With so many choices, it is easy to choose practices that work for us.