How to Forgive Those Who Aren’t Sorry

I love the way the universe works! A friend of mine shared a link to an article on a completely different topic. After I read the article of course I headed down a rabbit hole. Don’t send a search party, I didn’t go far. But I ran into this Vlog that was so good I want to share with you as part of our discussion on healthy emotions. I have struggled with this myself and am happy that I now find myself in that place where I am able to forgive. Actually, I am better at forgiving others than myself, but I digress. The work continues.

I invite you to watch this video. One of Dr. Kim’s followers wrote in and asked him this question. He reads the letter and responds. His response is a beautiful roadmap for healthy emotions in difficult situations. I also love his remedies. Take a look! I believe it is well worth sixteen minutes of your time.