Self-Love: Choose You on Valentine’s Day

I was sitting down to write an article about Valentine’s Day, and I realized that I loved the article I wrote last year. It is so important that we honor and love ourselves in every situation and at every time in our lives. Live in gratitude for present moment. Resist feeling less than or judged and embrace gratitude. I hope you don’t mind the re-share. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Reprint: February 13, 2021 | Heart Connection newsletter

Monday is the Day! Valentine’s Day. The day when people couple up and celebrate their unions and hopes for unions. This is a super fun day for many, a day of obligation for others, and a dreaded event for many of us that are not experiencing that “I am your boo!” connection at the moment. And yet… I invite you today to celebrate love. All love, not necessarily just romantic love.

It seems like there have been more years than not that a Valentine’s Day would come along, and I would be the one not planning a special evening from my sweetie or looking forward to flowers on this day. When I saw flowers moving through the aisles at the office, I did not have to look up in anticipation. I knew they were not for me. It was a sad, sad state. I would get depressed and feel “less than”. I always dreaded this day because I would have to endure the cute, funny and sometimes absurd expressions of love, that seemed to be everywhere. I would sometimes be so deep in my “Why can’t I find someone to love me?” story, it would take me down for days before and after the 14th. Until…

One year I had decided I was not going to go through this again. That year would be different. I decided to be my own valentine. I know to you it may seem a little on the desperate side but for me it was liberating. I had my nails done and began my celebration with a nice relaxing bubble bath with candles and wine. I planned a wonderful meal (lobster was involved), with one of my favorite desserts (key lime pie). I don’t remember what else I did the first time, but it was more than likely watching a movie. The details don’t matter. I was loving myself. Pampering myself. Showing love to myself. Wow! I was not looking outside myself for the love I needed. I was loving me! And it was life changing.

The beginning of me taking responsibility for the love I feel in the world. The beginning of me seeing the abundance of love I have and see in the world. The beginning of my desire to give love at every opportunity. The beginning of me being able to be in gratitude and in recognition of the abundance of love I receive. EVERY DAY! So, on this Valentine’s Day, I invite you to do two things.

If you have a significant other in your life. Share with them at least 10 things about them you are grateful for. That means more than flowers or candy, or that new hunting knife or cologne ever could. Close your eyes, put your focus on your heart and make a list of why you love them. Have fun with it. Get creative.

The second thing is to really think about where you receive love. Romantic love is great, but ALL love is great. There are so many sources of love. It is one of the many expressions of love we have available to us. It seems a shame that some of us attach our self-worth to our ability to attract romantic love, when we attract so much more. So, let’s play! Let’s name at least ten sources of love that you are grateful for. It could be your doggie, your mother, your sister, your neighbor, the barista at Starbucks even the produce person at the grocery store.

And don’t forget me! I am always holding you in my heart with love and light. And you! I am so grateful for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!